The Art of Space Exploration and Human Expansion @ 72nd Ave.
The Art of Space Exploration and Human Expansion

With the help of gorgeous work from artists such as Chris Foss and Vincent Fournier and the adventurous stories of Dan Simmons and Kim Stanley Robinson, my fascination with space exploration and human expansion throughout our galaxy has grown exponentially. Much of this also stems from my love of musicians who create magnificent soundscapes such as Global Communication, Sam Grawe, Max Richter, M83, Johann Johannsson, and Brian Eno.

Until there is a larger movement towards becoming a true spacefaring race, we will have to continue relying on artists for our motivation and inspiration.

Below you will find a small collection of artists, writers, and musicians who help keep my daydreams of visiting the stars alive.

Global Communication
Johann Johannsson
The Sun's Gone Dim
Max Richter
A Sudden Manhattan Of The Mind
King Wisp
In Space
Adam Tredowski
Vincent Fournier
Space Project
Josef Barton
Chris Foss
Dan Simmons
Red Mars
Kim Stanley Robinson
Dan Simmons
The Left Hand of Darkness
Ursula K. LeGuin
The Stars My Destination
Alfred Bester
Samuel R. Delaney
kelvin November 20th, 2009

i love this

Travis Neilson November 22nd, 2009

I really like this post. Are these books fictional? I must admit I have never read any of them. I am however, a fan of sci-fi. One of the most interesting offerings in space travel I have come across is found in the pages of OSC’s Children of the Mind. Anyhow, I am with Kelvin, ‘i love this’.

Jamie November 22nd, 2009

@kelvin: Thanks!

@Travis Neilson: Yes, they are all fictional. Both the Mars and Hyperion series are unbelievable! Such fantastic reads. I’m currently reading ‘The Court of the Air’ by Stephen Hunt. It’s also very entertaining.

I haven’t read the Ender Game series yet. But now that you mention it, I’m off to the book store. Thanks!

Raphaël November 25th, 2009

i don t know how i came to this page but i m glad to be here.
thank you for sharing, music and artwork are amazing.

Trav December 9th, 2009

Just came across this site the other day and I love it!!! Lovin’ that you’re doing something different with the design for each blog post and thinking outside the box. Awesome work, keep it up!

Jamie Calabro December 20th, 2009

@Raphael and @Trav: Thanks!

Wen January 11th, 2010

This is a really beautiful collection. You and I are like cosmic kin, brothers and sisters of stardust. Thank you for sharing this. It made my afternoon that much better.

Joni Korpi February 18th, 2010

Just wanted to say that the design of this article is absolutely perfect. Great job. :)

Kevin Groenendaal March 2nd, 2010

I like the typography, great job!

Zach March 12th, 2010

Incredible design! I bookmarked it just because it looks so nice. One question though if you don’t mind: did you create the space background yourself?

Jamie Calabro March 25th, 2010

@All: Thanks a bunch!

@Zach: Thanks! Yes. Planet was created in Photoshop and the stars in Illustrator.

dgfsdfgsdfg April 25th, 2010

where is the difference?

sveta August 30th, 2010


Premier pixels November 3rd, 2010

Really nice.I like this information

Pierrick November 7th, 2010

@Travis Neilson You’re fan of Sci-fi, and you never heard about Hyperion ? Oh my ! :)

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